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If you’re not familiar with the concept, a retainer allows you to pre-purchase my time every month for a variety of commonly used services. It’s a great way for you to access priority scheduling and save some money into the bargain.

Please note that all my retainers carry a 3-month minimum commitment.

  • Manage your ongoing expenditure with a single monthly bill;
  • Save you from hiring an internal staff member;
  • Let you avoid using multiple service providers (and the headaches that go with managing them);
  • Ensure priority access to my availability;
  • Save you as much as 35% on standard pricing.

Check out what’s included in my retainer packages below, and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

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Retainer Services Explained

My retainer packages have been built to offer maximum flexibility to businesses that require ongoing web design, marketing,  and graphic services, as well as on-demand, priority access to my other services.

While they may not be suitable for everyone, retainers can be a great way to keep on top of your monthly marketing and creative spend, and my packages offer great savings versus standard pricing – so it might be something to consider!

My retainer services:

  • Enable you to manage your ongoing digital marketing expenditure with a single monthly bill;
  • Save you from hiring an internal staff member;
  • Let you avoid using multiple service providers (and the headaches that go with managing them);
  • Give you priority access to my availability;
  • Save you as much as 15% on standard pricing.

Retainer Services Include...

Below is a list of my most commonly requested graphic design services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the list, please feel free to reach out and I’ll let you know if I can provide the service you need!

  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Management
  • Website Updates
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Partial Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Services
  • Copywriting
  • Copy Editing
  • All My Video Services

Please note that full web design, full marketing strategy, marketing audits, accessible services, and search engine optimization are NOT included as part of my retainer packages – however they can be purchased separately at a discounted rate should you require them. For full retainer terms & conditions, please click here.

Retainer Packages

Something to Suit Every Business


$690/mo7 ($60/mo saving)
• 10 hours of service/mo8 • 7.5% off additional services4 • 7.5% off additional hours5


$1,000/mo7 ($125/mo saving)
• 15 hours of service/mo8 • 10% off additional services4 • 10% off additional hours5


$1,300/mo7 ($200/mo saving)
• 20 hours of service/mo6 • 12.5% off additional services4 • 12.5% off additional hours5


$2,550/mo7 ($450/mo saving)
• 40 hours of service/mo8 • 15% off additional services4 • 15% off additional hours5

Retainer Terms

  1. Retainer clients will always receive priority service ahead of non-retainer clients. While I’ll do my best to ensure any deadlines you have will be met, it may not always be possible (e.g. if several retainer clients request work in the same timeframe, the work will be carried out on a first come, first served basis). All submitted work orders will receive an estimated time of completion on receipt of the order.
  2. Some services may not be available with just 48 hours notice (I’ll try my best to fit your job in, but if it’s something that’s going to take 6+ hours, it might not be humanly possible)
  3. Your weekly retainer status report will be emailed to you, and posted in your client hub, every Friday evening. It contains details on jobs completed, jobs in progress, and jobs scheduled for the current retainer window.
  4. Discount applies to any non-retainer services ordered after a minimum of 3 months’ retainer service.
  5. Discount applies to any additional hours added to your retainer for the given month.
  6. Unused hours may be rolled over to the next month, and will be used before your current months’ time allotment. Hours cannot be carried over for a second month.
  7. Minimum 3-month commitment required for all retainer packages. Retainer services are subject to automatic credit card billing (no exceptions). Services begin on the date your first payment is received, with each subsequent payment made automatically on the same day each month
  8. Cancellation must be received in writing no less than 14 days before the next scheduled payment

What They Say...

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Is Your Business Digitally Accessible?

Don't Get Caught Out by AODA Accessibility Regulations

You might not know it, but the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) has been active in Ontario since 2005. This law sets out the requirements and standards that organizations and businesses must follow in order to provide accessibility to all Ontarians.

As part of these regulations, businesses are (or will soon be, depending on their structure and size) required to take a number of steps to ensure that the information and services they provide online (and offline) are accessible to those with disabilities.

Among these requirements are the need for accessible websites, accessible digital documents (like PDFs, presentations, Word documents, and spreadsheets), and accessible media.

You’ve no doubt seen the spate of lawsuits in the United States around their Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and it’s only a matter of time before the same thing happens north of the border. With One Guy Creative’s accessibility services, you can prepare your business, and protect yourself against potentially crippling lawsuits!

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A retainer package is a great way for you to bundle service hours, get guaranteed availability, and save on my standard pricing. If your business needs regular marketing, graphic design, or online service management and maintenance, I’m here to help. My retaines are extremely competitively priced, and offer a broad range of savings across the board.

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