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20% Off Web Design for Whitby Chamber Members

Running a business is hard, but it just got a little easier for members of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce in association with FanSaves!

Premium Web Design That Helps Grow Your Business

A high-quality website can change the way you do business for the better! From direct online sales to increased brand visibility and improved perception, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

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Better Impressions

You don’t want to be “that” company with the website that looks like it’s from the early 00s. It might seem quaint at first, but your website is the digital equivalent of your physical location, and you wouldn’t be comfortable inviting customers into a broken down, barely standing office or storefront – right?

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Online Revenue

There’s always potential to increase your bottom line through your website. It could be as simple as making it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you so they can purchase your goods or services, or it might be a dedicated eCommerce solution built right into your website for sales on autopilot.

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Better Marketing

What do marketing and the quality of your website have in common? Pretty much everything. That last thing you want is to pump money into a stellar marketing campaign, only to have users land on your website and abandon it in short order due to poor quality, long loading times, or technical glitches. Your site is the core of your digital marketing.

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Stronger Branding

Having a website that’s consistent with your branding, as well as your corporate voice is essential to establishing a strong, trustworthy tone for your business. More important than that, though, you need to ensure that your digital branding is high quality to give your customers the right impression of your business from the start.

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Increased Awareness

It’s all well and good having great web design, but what if nobody knows your business or website exists? Marketing plays a huge role in brand awareness, but the importance of your website should never be discounted. With search optimized pages you have the chance to increase the awareness and visibility of your business.

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Powerful Integrations

You can use your One Guy Creative website to save your business time and money. Integrate things like COVID-19 release or client sign-up forms directly to your site, reducing the amount of time needed when a new client visits your location, or automate billing and client communications with the click of a button!

The Right Information Helps You Make the Right Choices

Having a website that works for your business is about more than just making sure the first impression is strong. It also gives you the ability to make meaningful decisions about the direction of your online strategy.

The data your site collects plays a hugely important role in the way your business evolves online. From up-to-the-minute analytics on the pages your visitors are spending the most (and least) time on, through to live recordings of visitor behaviour, One Guy Creative websites are built to ensure you have enough valuable data to make the right decisions to grow.

With optional easy-to-digest monthly reporting on things like search engine ranking, competitor information, on-page behaviour, form submissions, and much more, your site will be able to evolve and increase conversions as time goes by – transforming it into a more important asset than you ever thought possible!

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Let’s Work Together!

I’d love to discuss your company’s web, graphic design, and digital marketing needs in the way that works best for you. Please find my contact information below, as well as a form for your convenience.

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